How do your skills measure up?

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Vision is firstly about understanding the environment you operate in – what are the issues that affect your sector, industry or profession? By being constantly curious about the changing world around you and being proactive about filling any gaps in your knowledge, you can put yourself in the driving seat to look ahead and make informed plans for the future.

  1. I’m able to articulate how changing social, economic, technological and regulatory issues are likely to affect both my sector and organisation in the coming years.

  2. I critically evaluate information to identify patterns, themes and emerging trends that may affect my field of work or organisation.

  3. I take the lead (rather than following others) within my team in recommending change or advocating the use of beneficial new technologies.

  4. I allocate time to implement changes and improvements that’ll benefit my team and organisation in the long-term.

  5. I seek to collaborate with an appropriately broad range of stakeholders to implement change.