How do your skills measure up?

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The skills and abilities to perform activities to a defined standard, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, independence and scepticism.


Do you have the tax competencies and knowledge that a professional accountant will need in the future? Take our test to find out.

  1. Planning strategically and commercially to align tax with the business, I have a global tax perspective so consider the impact of the business's tax and transfer pricing policies at a group level. Using my Experience and Emotional Intelligence I have a holistic view of the business so I engage with and inform stakeholders in finance, statutory audit, and tax administration. I translate tax for non-technical stakeholders such as boards, management, investors, clients and media. I am an advocate for defining and implementing a consistent tax policy and strategy across the organisation.

  2. With an expanding technical focus on reporting, compliance and tax planning, I interact with other business functions in order to collaborate, seeking advice from colleagues and external experts. I assess and manage the risks of corporate structures and the impact of existing and emerging laws and political initiatives, as well as shifting public perceptions.

  3. Undertaking specialist training and pursuing qualifications in tax disciplines, my technical expertise and knowledge of national and international tax law and regulation is maintained. I understand developing issues in taxation and keep abreast of relevant developments in corporate reporting, governance, finance and risk management, and audit.

  4. I am familiar with specialist software for tax computations, compliance and analysis. I use appropriate electronic tax administration platforms. I understand the opportunities and risks created by technology.

  5. Thinking and behaving ethically and professionally makes me aware of the wider impacts of tax policy on communities and local, national and global economies.