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The skills and abilities to perform activities to a defined standard, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, independence and scepticism.

Strategic performance and planning

Do you have the strategic planning and performance management competencies and knowledge that a professional accountant will need in the future? Take our test to find out.

  1. In my leadership role I am proactive not reactive. Using Vision, I partner, collaborate, network while I use my Emotional Intelligence and Experience to develop and manage relationships with stakeholders.

  2. I gain knowledge of developments in business seeking global and cross-sector perspectives and I follow emerging trends in culture, demographics, politics, law, international relations, and technology.

  3. My contribution to strategic and scenario planning, policy development and implementation is an unbiased, ethical view which is constructive while sceptical and challenging.

  4. Finding time for reflection, review and creative thinking, my Creative Intelligence generates ideas. I use my Vision to articulate the impact on the organisation of social, economic, technological and regulatory changes.

  5. Taking a holistic view of performance management built on my knowledge of implementation methodologies and evaluation frameworks, I look to establish enterprise-wide measurements and analysis that links financial and non-financial indicators.

  6. Existing and emerging digital technologies are analysed to understand their impact on strategy, models, logistics, operations, supply chains and customers.

  7. Using my Creative Intelligence, I link business strategy and management accounting through forward-looking performance-enhancing models. My Experience helps me select models which are used to improve decision making and resource management. This includes managing finances through resource allocations models and strategic tools such as cash flows, budgeting, capital planning and internal investment return analysis. Linking strategic and operational HR planning I sustain competitive advantage and support business success through managing the performance of internal people and outsourced teams.

  8. I use my Intelligence to find, analyse and present data also deciding when it needs to be corroborated. Distilling data allows me to determine patterns, provide information and predict future outcomes and I will always support data-driven strategic and tactical decision making. Digital technologies improve the communication of relevant information.

  9. My responsibility extends to change management and project management across business functions and activities through techniques that include project accounting and systems implementation.