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The skills and abilities to perform activities to a defined standard, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, independence and scepticism.

Governance, risk and ethics

Do you have the governance, risk and ethics competencies and knowledge that a professional accountant will need in the future? Take our test to find out.

  1. I understand the objectives of good corporate governance at the macro and individual company level and how these may be achieved. I recognise the need for structures processes and relationships in a company. I understand the need for checks and balances and to monitor and report performance.

  2. I understand existing and emerging concepts of risk and approaches to risk management and my Vision and Intelligence helps me have a global perspective on governance, risk and ethics. I can identify, assess, measure and accurately report risk in a timely manner. Applying methods of controlling and reducing risk, I can develop risk frameworks for boards in a wider context using my Vision to appreciate when I need more information. I understand the role and function of the board, risk committee and management and their relationship with specialist committees such as remuneration and nomination.

  3. Establishing, maintaining and reviewing internal control systems for financial, non-financial and reporting risks, I liaise with management and internal auditors to identify plans for improvement.

  4. Identifying how to act in the public interest I comply with fundamental principles of the ethics’ code in my individual, professional and corporate behaviour. I apply professional judgement using my Intelligence to reach out to colleagues for advice and to seek corroboration. My Experience helps me to reflect.

  5. I understand how to apply digital technologies to improve corporate governance and I explore the benefits, risks and challenges associated with emerging technologies.

  6. Creating strategies to engage, influence, and negotiate with stakeholders, my Emotional Intelligence helps me to understand different perspectives so I can balance conflicting interests while I use my experience to build long-term relationships.

  7. I use my Intelligence to assess the likely accuracy, relevance, completeness and importance of information presented from any source.

  8. I look beyond finance to understand the long term sustainability of business and its relationship with the supply chain and stakeholders. Using digital technologies and partnering with stakeholders, I communicate well the idea and practice of good governance and risk management.