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The skills and abilities to perform activities to a defined standard, while maintaining the highest standards of integrity, independence and scepticism.

Financial management

Do you have the financial management competencies and knowledge that a professional accountant will need in the future? Take our test to find out.

  1. Taking a global perspective, I monitor developments in world trade and markets using my Vision to articulate how changing social, economic and technological issues impact business plans. I take a holistic view of the business and its environment; I formulate ethical financial strategy; I am aware of global business practices, laws on movement of capital, regulatory frameworks and local taxation and can explain their influence on financial decision making.

  2. Managing relationships with the board, management, investors, customers and other stakeholders, I engage to influence strategies. My Emotional Intelligence allows me to understand the view point of other paying attention to their words and emotions.

  3. My Creative Intelligence causes me to schedule in time to reflect, review and think creatively while my Intelligence seeks out learning opportunities. My Emotional Intelligence and Experience helps me build effective partnerships in and outside the organisation.

  4. As I seek business growth I innovate financial processes and techniques and I engage in discussing growth strategies such as mergers and acquisition and approaches to valuation. I examine the impact of M&A on the financial position and performance of the acquirer; appraising capital projects and investments. I account for quantitative and qualitative factors. I assess organisational performance and exposure to business and financial risk. I can recommend optimum capital risk and explain risk management rationale. I determine dividend policy and capacity recommending distribution and retention policies.

  5. I explore alternative ways of raising finance comparing sources of finance and reaching out to colleagues and external experts for advice and different opinions. My Creative Intelligence allows me to explore ideas that are new and not previously used.

  6. Understanding the treasury function and financial instruments, I use derivatives to hedge against foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity risks.

  7. Assessing the ethics of financial management and strategy on business issues and decisions, I advise on best practice and use my Vision collaborating to implement change.