How do your skills measure up?

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Intelligence is the ability not only to acquire knowledge but to apply it. By constantly seeking out ways to learn more, and then apply that learning back into your problem solving and decision making, you’ll be building your IQ and your ability to prosper.

  1. I actively seek out opportunities to learn knowledge not only about my own field but also my sector and the world at large.

  2. When facing complex challenges, I reach out to colleagues and external experts for advice and different opinions.

  3. I think about the likely accuracy of information and seek corroboration when necessary (rather than assuming that everything I read or hear is automatically correct).

  4. Understanding that situations are often complex and ambiguous, I weigh up the need to gather further information versus the need to make timely decisions and take action.

  5. I constantly consider how decisions might affect not only financial outcomes but also non-financial outcomes such as the satisfaction of different stakeholders and the reputation of my organisation.