How do your skills measure up?

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Emotional intelligence provides you with the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and those of others. By managing your emotions positively, you can overcome personal barriers that stop you from realising your untapped potential. And by empathising better with those around you, your communication and collaboration skills will be greatly enhanced.

  1. I frequently seek out feedback from others on my moods, emotions and how I’m perceived by the people around me.

  2. I build relationships with others based on my authentic self rather than having to pretend that I’m something that I am not.

  3. I reflect on my mistakes and failings in order to learn lessons rather than “beating myself up” or allowing negative emotions to overwhelm me.

  4. Before meeting with stakeholders, I take time to work out their likely perspectives in terms of what they’re both thinking and feeling.

  5. When dealing with people, I habitually pay attention to not only the words they use but also the emotions they may be feeling.