How do your skills measure up?

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Creativity is often an ability that people lack confidence in expressing. But the truth is that you probably flex your creative muscles all the time without even realising it. Using your creative intelligence means that you are putting your knowledge and skills to use in new or tricky situations to solve problems and generate new ideas.

  1. When facing tasks or problems, I take the time to generate a range of different ideas rather than simply doing what I have tended to do in the past.

  2. I believe that creativity comes about through effort and experience rather than in-born, natural talent.

  3. I pursue growth opportunities even when there may be a (calculated) risk of looking stupid and/or failure.

  4. I appreciate that disagreement and conflict between myself and my colleagues can often improve the quality of the decisions we take.

  5. I schedule in time for reflection, review and creative thinking rather than simply doing, doing, doing work all of the time.